Mobile homes are a great option

Do you want to build a house? Do you only have an apartment in a prefabricated house and you lack the finances for a house? Never mind. We offer you mobile homes that are an alternative to a single-family house and identical in price to an apartment in a prefabricated house. They can be occupied either just for weekends or all year round.

You can have mobile homes from us both new and second-hand. In any case, the houses are fully equipped with built-in furniture, a kitchen including appliances, and also sanitary facilities. You will not miss a fireplace. Take a look at our website for more information.

Something extra for you

You can build mobile homes without a building permit. If you do not own a plot of land, we will be happy to help you find one. We also provide additional services such as insulation of the house, replacement of windows, and an inspection of electrical appliances, and also gas appliances.